Ancient stage backdrops

The theater backdrop, or theatrical scenography is a large and decorative element placed in the rear part of the stage to emphasize theatrical performances. Usually these were paintings on thick paper or fabric that were hung and occupied the entire width of the stage. Environments were reproduced in perspective that contextualized the movements of the actors or consisted of smaller shaped models that were fixed on rigid supports.

In the section dedicated to these extraordinary works you can find theatrical backdrops of various genres, from large rectangular backdrops to single figures.

The ancient backdrops that we offer can be dated between the end of the 19th century and the mid-20th century and were used for various types of theatrical performances, from revue theater to opera.

Some theatrical sets are signed by important set designers of the early twentieth century such as Luigi Bosio and used in the famous Theater of Turin (originally Teatro Scribe) by Riccardo Gualino.

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