Buying antiques as a sustainable choice

Like many people, we want to do something to help reduce the effects of climate change, overconsumption and waste. No matter how small our effort, we believe that every small contribution helps restore balance for the future and that the small actions of many of us can add up to make a big difference.

Our aim is to support and encourage everyone to make a small change by purchasing something antique or vintage instead of new. This helps commerce survive, helps consumers have a more personal home or dress in an individually created look, stimulates collections, educates, saves our history, creates discussion points.

We do not believe that antiques are suffocating objects, never to be touched, on the contrary they must be used and loved by as many people as possible who reuse or recycle them to be in different ways.

The added benefit is that the items will have resale value and will hopefully avoid landfill, provide pleasure for years and become legacy items.

Belbello Antiques is green and sustainable

If you purchase an antique or vintage item:

  • it is unique and will make your home more personal
  • it existed before you were born and will continue to exist to be reused
  • contains a story that will be interesting to reconstruct
  • it's a point of discussion with your guests
  • it is manufactured with sustainable materials
  • it can be repaired (in most cases...)
  • help small businesses
  • you can resell it