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Painting painter Guido Tavagnacco 1920-1990 landscape Villa Toti del Monte Treviso X1

Painting painter Guido Tavagnacco 1920-1990 landscape Villa Toti del Monte Treviso X1

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Subject: wooded landscape. On the back there is an indication of the location "Villa delle Toti del Monte" Barbisanello Treviso.
Support and technique: watercolor on paper
Author: Guido Tavagnacco (1920-1990)
Born in 1920 in Moimacco and died in Udine in 1990, teacher, painter, engraver, esteemed by critics and gallery owners as well as art collectors; Museums, galleries and institutional headquarters collect, in Italy and abroad, his work and his precious testimony, intended to honor the culture and land of Friuli with its noble peasant civilization.

Guido Tavagnacco graduated from the Liceo Artistico in Venice. He later taught Art Education in Buja, Tarcento and Udine. Participates in the Rome Quadrennial and the Intart Biennial.

Direct witness of the Second World War and of the partisan struggle, fighting with the "Garibaldi" Brigade from 1943 to 1945, Tavagnacco brings to the Friulian Resistance that contribution that every citizen can offer if motivated and inspired by the values ​​of freedom, peace, work, in awareness that anti-fascism is representative of a moment of civilization and commitment of the people. Through his artistic work, Tavagnacco will be able to tell the story of the Resistance as well as the tragedies of war.

In his heart there was the Resistance, which he honored and intended to defend from every squalid mystification both with words and with the brush. In the work he left us we therefore find precious paintings that immortalize moments and episodes in the history of the Friulian Tavagnacco_dipinto_ANPIResistenza, masterpieces that only a great artist could donate to posterity.

Tavagnacco's works collected in private collections number a few thousand; Furthermore, a museum has been established in Moimacco which collects part of his rich production. Among the most important public works he executed we remember the fresco of the funerary chapel of the Civil Hospital of Udine (1957), the Monument to the Resistance of Manzano (1968), the Monument to the 13 Partisans hanged in Premariacco (1976), the Monument to the Fallen of the Second World War in Moimacco (1977), the Monument to the 503 Italian and Slovenian workers who fell in the Resistance in Monfalcone (1979), the Monument to the Fallen in Beivars (1979), the bronze bas-reliefs in the small church of S. Donato di Moimacco (1980), the Via Crucis in the parish church of Moimacco (1989), the Monument to the Resistance of Faedis (1990).
Period: 20th century
Origin: Veneto, Italy
Condition: Very good condition, I note small signs of aging on the edges. The item is shipped rolled (look at the photographs, consider the age)
Measurements: 69 x 100 cm
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